These days we all have passwords for everything and they all need to be unique, secure and cryptic but easy to access when you need them.

For years now we've been using and recommending 1Password as an easy way to create, store and enter passwords that match all the requirements above.

The clever thing about 1Password is that it will not only help you create a secure, random password but it will automatically save it for you and then you can log back into that site with just a few clicks.

In the example below, we've gone to and need to log in, all we need to do is click on the 1Password icon and then click on the Amazon login (highlighted in blue) and it will autofill our username and password and log in.

1Password knows which site you're on and will preset the matching login, this also helps to protect against logging into phishing websites as the address won't match and you won't see your login showing in 1Password.

You can also use 1Password to store credit and debit card numbers, driving license information, secure text notes, software licenses and much more.

Once you have your information in 1Password you can then sync it to your other computers or devices using Dropbox so you have all your passwords and other important information available all the time, wherever you are.

All the data in 1Password is secure and fully encrypted so it's all safe and no one can get any of your information, it's all protected by your master password.

We can't really recommend 1Password enough and we're now at the stage where all our passwords are completely random and we wouldn't be able to remember them if we tried, but as they're all stored safely and available on all our devices, we don't need to.

1Password is available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android from ​