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Tekee Tim is full of useful hints and tips to get more out of your computers, tablets, smart phones and systems, and online services, so bookmark this page and keep coming back for more tips.

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Taking a screenshot of your device

If you want to capture some information that’s displayed on your screen, such as a receipt, it can often be helpful to take a screenshot.

Luckily this is easy on both Windows and Mac.

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How can I safely recycle my computer?

If you've replaced your PC or Mac and would like to dispose of the old one or sell it, then you need to be careful that you've erased all the data on the disk so that no one else can access any of your files.

Most people store a lot of private and sometimes sensitive documents on their computers and if someone else gets the machine, it's possible that they could recover this information so you do need to take some steps to ensure this doesn't happen and we'll show you some of those steps here.

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What can I do if I lose my device?

If you ever lose your laptop or mobile device, you don't need to panic. There are things you can do to make sure that no one else can get hold of your data and you can even track your device to try to get it back.

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Making notes with Apple Pencil

If you prefer writing your notes by hand, but still like the convenience of having them stored and searchable on your iPad, you can use the Notes app and an Apple Pencil to do just that.

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Using iMessage on iOS and Mac OS

If you have an Apple device and need to send a message to someone else using an Apple device, you can send it using iMessage, Apple's own instant messenger built into the messages app on your Mac, iPhone, iPod touch or iPad

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Working with Notes on iOS

The built in Notes app on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can be a very powerful tool, it's also very easy to use so we thought we'd run through some of the more advanced things that Notes can do.

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When do I right click?

One shortcut that can save a lot of time on Windows and Mac computers but not everyone knows about is using the right mouse click to pop up a menu giving quick access to some often used commands. The commands that you can access when you right click change on what your mouse is over at the time but usually always provide a quick way to access commands that you might usually go back to the menu for.

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Running out of space after Windows 10 update?

Microsoft's Anniversary Update for Windows 10  added a lot of new features and makes Windows 10 even more secure. However you may find that after you've installed it, you have a lot less free space on your C drive, here we'll show you how to free up this space.

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Want to stay extra secure online?

Everyone knows that it's very important to keep all your online accounts (Facebook, Google, iCloud, email etc.) as secure as possible to ensure that no one else gets access to any of your personal information.

We thought it was time to update our advice with a system that can add an extra layer of safety to ensure that you're even more secure. 

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Where did my application go?

If you have a lot of applications running on your computer, it can sometimes be difficult to find the one that you’re looking for.

Fortunately both Mac and Windows have an easy to use shortcut for switching between your applications.

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What is private browsing?

​Almost every web browser now has a private browsing mode and there are even apps for mobile devices to help you browser privately, but it's not always as private as you might think and we'll run through what is and isn't private in this tip.

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