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Tekee Tim is full of useful hints and tips to get more out of your computers, tablets, smart phones and systems, and online services, so bookmark this page and keep coming back for more tips.

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Taking a screenshot of your device

If you want to capture some information that’s displayed on your screen, such as a receipt, it can often be helpful to take a screenshot.

Luckily this is easy on both Windows and Mac.

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How can I set my default printer?

If you have more than one printer, perhaps a mono laser for letters and an inkjet for photos, you will often print to one of them more often than the other and selecting the correct printer each time can become annoying.

On both Windows and Mac you can set the default printer easily so when you print you don’t need to change anything.

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Annotating PDFs on your Mac

If you're sending photos or PDFs to people it can be very helpful to add your own annotations, whether it's to give someone directions or point something out in the photo. This is very easy to do using Preview on the Mac and below we'll show you how to do it.

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What is Continuity Camera?

If you've upgraded your Apple devices to macOS Mojave and iOS 12, you can make use of the great new Continuity Camera feature to take a photo on your iPhone and put it straight onto your Mac.

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Accessing your emails out and about

Most people now have more than just one PC at home or in the office, so it’s important to know how to access your emails when you’re away from your main PC.

Almost all the major email providers have a few ways for you to do this and we’ll take a look at those options here.

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Get Smart with your filing

If you like to keep your files and emails organised, the Mac has great features to help you do this automatically, with Smart Folders and Smart Mailboxes.

Smart Folders allows you to create a folder on your Mac that looks like a normal folder, but instead of you having to move or copy your files into it, it will ask you for a set of rules and automatically display files that match.

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How can I create my own playlists in iTunes

Playlists are a great way to keep track of your favourite music in iTunes, they let you have quick access to the tracks that you want to listen to and you can easily swap songs in and out as you need to.

iTunes can also make you playlists automatically based on a few criteria. In this tip, we'll show you how to create a Smart Playlist.

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How can I remember my passwords?

These days we all have passwords for everything and they all need to be unique, secure and cryptic but easy to access when you need them.

For years now we've been using and recommending 1Password as an easy way to create, store and enter passwords that match all the requirements above.

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How can I keep my computer safe at Christmas?

If you have friends and family coming to visit at Christmas, someone will usually end up using your computer and there are a few things you can do in advance to ensure that people can use your computer safely without causing any problems.

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Using multiple desktops in Windows 10

Windows 10 has finally introduced the concept of multiple desktops to all Windows users. It can be very helpful to have multiple desktops on your computer as it means you can have applications open full screen on different desktops and switch between them or group applications together depending on what you use together. We'll show you how to use it here.

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How can I share files between a PC and a Mac?

If you have both a Mac and Windows you will often want to share files between them, unfortunately Windows can't read a Mac formatted disk at all and the Mac can't save files to a Windows formatted disk. Fortunately there is a way to format a disk so you can use it on both systems just the same.

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