Everyone knows that it's very important to keep all your online accounts (Facebook, Google, iCloud, email etc.) as secure as possible to ensure that no one else gets access to any of your personal information.
Having a strong unique password is the first step and we've previously covered how to best look after your passwords in a previous tip here.

As it's so important to keep your accounts secure, we thought it was time to show you how to add an extra layer of safety to ensure that you're even more secure.

You may have noticed that a lot of services are now offering something called 2 Factor Authentication. This basically means that after you've entered your username and password, instead of logging straight into your account, you're asked to enter an additional piece of information, usually a 6 digit string of numbers.

These 6 digit codes are generated randomly by an app you run on your smartphone or tablet. The most common app for this is Google Authenticator which you can find here for iOS and here for Android

These apps can be used for 2 Factor Authentication with most systems such as Google themselves, Dropbox, Facebook and many others.

The main exception to this is Apple, once you've set up 2 Factor Authentication with Apple, you can choose whether you receive a text message when you need a code to log in, or if you have an iOS device, you can get a 4 digit code sent out to the Find My Phone app.

Once you've generated your code, you type it into the website when asked and then you'll log in as normal. You usually have the option to tell the website to remember the browser that you're using so it doesn't keep asking you, but if you want to be extra secure, leave this option unticked.

With 2 Factor Authentication turned on, even if someone gets your username and password for one of your web site logins, they won't be able to log in as they won't get the extra code they need.

The process for switching on 2 Factor Authentication is slightly different on each website, but usually if you log in as normal and then go into the settings page where you'd change your password, you'll find the option in there.  Once you turn on 2 Factor  Authentication, you'll be shown a QR code on the screen, which you just scan with the Google Authenticator app to create the code for you.

If you would like any help getting this extra layer of security set up on your accounts, please do let us know and we'll ensure that you're protected and that your personal information is safe and secure.