If you receive attachments via email, it’s important to save them onto your computer. Once you’ve done this you can edit the attachments, email them on to other people and file them away into your filing system.

Below we’ll show you how to save your file attachments from Mac Mail, Outlook and iPhone/iPad Mail.

On Apple Mail, you have 2 different ways to save your email attachments.

The first way is to right click on the attached file and then click on Save Attachment. You’ll then be asked where you want to save the file. If you click on Save to Downloads Folder, the attachment will save into the Downloads folder on your Mac.

The second way to save an attachment in Mail is to click on the paper clip icon at the top of the email, you can then save all the attachments or click to save them individually.

In Outlook on Windows, you just need to click on the attachment icon at the top of the email and then you can preview, open or save the attachment.

In Mail on the iPhone/iPad, you can’t save the attachments in quite the same way, but you can copy the attachment into another application so you can work on it.

All you need to do is tap on the attachment in the email, then click on the share button at the top of the screen. You’ll then be asked what you want to do with the attachment, typical options will be to open it in Word/Pages so you can edit it, or open it in Dropbox or Evernote so you can file it and keep it safe.

Saving email attachments onto your computer like this can help you keep your email free from clutter by allowing you to delete the original email but keep the attachment and it should also make it faster to find any attachments as you won’t have to look back through all your emails.