If you're typing the same types of document over and over again in your word processor you can save a lot of time by saving it as a template.

In the example below, we want to write a letter to post out to someone and want to use different fonts and justifications to get the text just where we want it.

As we're going to be using this letter a lot, rather than type it out each time and having to remember to change the fonts etc we'll just save it as a template so that we can easily get back to it and start a new letter.

In Word all we need to do is click on the File tab at the top left of Word and then click on Save As. When we're asked where to save the document, simply change the file type to Word Template and then give your template a name.

The next time you open Word or create a new document and you're asked which template you want to use, click on Personal at the top of the window and then you'll see your new template, simply double click on it and Word will create a new document based on your template and you're ready to go. Your original template remains untouched and doesn't change.

If you're using Pages on the Mac the process is very similar. All you need to do is create your document and then click on the File menu and then Save as Template.

You'll now be asked whether you want to save the template to your computer so you can keep it on your desktop (for example) for quick access, or whether you want to put it into the Template Chooser. In this example we're using the Template Choose.

You'll now be asked to give you template a name, we'll call it Letter so we know what it is.

Now, when you open Pages or start a new document just click on My Templates and you'll see your template, simply double click on it and Pages will open a new document with all your formatting and fonts, ready to go.

Once you have a range of templates you can save yourself hours by not typing out the same type of document over and over again so give it a go.