When you're using your computer, you can usually make things faster and easier by using keyboard shortcuts. These allow you to perform many of the functions you usually do with the mouse but without having to move away from what you're doing.

We've listed a few of the most common shortcuts below for both Windows and Mac, on Windows you use the Ctrl key for the shortcuts and on the Mac, you use the Cmd key.

We'll start with the most important keyboard shortcut there is!

Undo (Ctrl + Z or Cmd + Z)

This will "undo" your last command/edit in the majority of applications, and can save you from a disaster!  If you delete some text by mistake, or make a change and mess up your document layout in Word, for example, you can just hit Ctrl or Cmd + Z and recover back to where you were.

In the Windows Explorer or Mac Finder if you delete a file by accident, you can use this to bring it back again.

If you only remember one keyboard shortcut, then remember this one!

New window (Ctrl + N or Cmd + N)

This will open a new window in whatever application you're using. If you're on the Windows desktop or the Mac Finder, it will open a new window for you to access the files on your computer. If you're in a web browser it will open a new browser window or if you're using Word, Excel, Powerpoint or equivalents it will open a new blank document for you.

Close window (Ctrl + W or Cmd + W)

This is the reverse of the above command, this will close the active window either on the Windows desktop, Mac Finder, your browser or your open document in other software.

New tab (Ctrl + T or Cmd + T)

When you have a web browser open, this will open a new tab for you so instead of having a completely new browser window, you just have one browser with two or more tabs that you can quickly switch between. On the Mac, pressing Cmd + T while you have an open Finder window will create a new tab in your open window so you can easily drag and drop files between two locations.

Switch between browser tabs (Ctrl + Tab)

This will cycle around the open tabs in your web browser and is one of the few shortcuts that's the same on Windows and Mac.

Switch between applications (Alt + Tab or Cmd + Tab)

If you have multiple applications open, you can use these keys to quickly move between the open applications. You'll see a bar appear on the screen showing your open applications and each time you press tab, you'll move along one. Simply release both keys to switch to that app. If you go past the app you wanted, just hold down shift and press tab again, you'll then move back one.

In addition to these commands, there are a lot of other commands available and you can see more shortcuts for Windows here:

All the shortcuts for Mac OS can be found here:

Some of the most timesaving shortcuts can be the ones used for editing text and these can save a lot of time when compared to keep using the mouse to go to the Edit menu and back.

Ctrl or Cmd + X - removes selected text and copies it into the clipboard.

Ctrl or Cmd + C - copies the selected text to the clipboard and leaves it in the original location.

Ctrl or Cmd + V - pastes the text that you've cut or copied above and inserts it at the current cursor location.

Ctrl or Cmd + A - highlights all the text on a page, useful if you want to change the font or style after writing some text.

Ctrl or Cmd + F - finds text in the current document, you can also use this to do a find and replace if you want to replace one word with another all throughout the document.

Ctrl or Cmd + P - prints the current document.