If you're a Mac user and you use the free Pages, Numbers and Keynote office suite that Apple supply with each new Mac, iPad and iPhone, then you already know how powerful and easy to use they are. You might not know that you can actually edit, share and collaborate on documents via the web, just like you can with Google Docs.

The first step is to go to iCloud.com on a desktop or laptop PC or Mac.

Then you just need to log in with your iCloud details. If you're new to Pages, Numbers and Keynote, you can still use them on the web even if you don't have any Apple devices. All you need to do is click on the Create Apple ID just below the login window.

Once you've logged in, you'll see all the iCloud features that you can use, in this example we'll stick with Pages, Numbers and Keynote so simply click on the one you'd like to use.

Once you've opened the app you'd like to use, you will see any documents that you've already saved into iCloud Drive or saved within Pages, Numbers or Keynote on your iPhone or iPad. You can edit any of these documents simply by clicking on them, or you can create a new document by clicking on the Create Document icon.

If you do create a new document, you'll be shown a template chooser. There are several different templates that you can use, in this example, we're going to start with the blank document.

Once you've opened the template, you will have all the usual editing features available to you so you should be able to create a document that looks exactly as it would if you created it in Pages, Numbers or Keynote itself. You can even drag and drop pictures into your documents as you would on the desktop app.

Once you've finished editing your document, simply close the tab or window with the editor in and you'll go back to the list of files in iCloud and should now see your new document. You'll also be able to see this new document in iCloud Drive on your Mac or Windows PC and also in the apps on your iPhone or iPad and can carry on editing it if required. Alternatively, if you right click on any of the documents here, you can share them with other people so you can work collaboratively and instantly see each others changes.

When you've finished editing your document, you can click on the iCloud button at the top left of the browser window and switch to any of the other iCloud features, such as Mail, Calendars, Contacts etc.