After you've been using your smartphone or tablet for a while, you'll soon have connected to a whole range of WiFi networks, some of which you only need once but your device may try to keep reconnecting to them.
In this tip, we'll show you how to make your Apple or Android device forget a WiFi network that you no longer want it to connect to.


On iOS, tap on the Settings icon then tap on WiFi.

Find the WiFi network that you want your device to forget and click on the i next to the name.

Once you've done this, you'll see more information about the network, tap on the Forget button at the top of the screen.

You'll then be asked to confirm that you want to forget the network. Tap on Forget and your device will no longer connect to this network.

In iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad, there's an option to stop your device auto joining a network so you can keep the connection details saved but not connect automatically.


To stop your Android device from connection to networks that you've previously used, just swipe down from the top of the screen to bring up the settings and then tap on the name of the WiFi network that you're currently connected to.

You'll now see a list of all the networks stored on your phone, tap on More Settings at the bottom of the screen.

Now tap on the network name that you want to forget.

You'll now see all the information about that network, just tap on Forget at the bottom of the screen and your device will no longer connect to it.