Operating System Install/Re-install

If you find yourself needing to re-install Windows or macOS you'll know just how time consuming this can be, even once you've installed the operating system, you'll need all the updates, drivers and more all over again, as well as copying all your data so you don't lose it.

Why not let Tekeez do this for you and save yourself all that time?  We'll do it all for a fixed fee, for Windows or Mac and when you get it back it will all be installed, brought up to date and working with all the basics back on ready to go.

We'll also make sure all your data is saved, so you won't lose anything, all included in the price.

Own a copy of MS Office, Photoshop etc?  No worries, we'll put that back on for you, no extra charge, just give us the disks and license numbers and let us do all the work, it won't cost you a penny more!