Why backup your Office 365 files in the cloud?

For businesses that rely on Office 365 and the cloud to store all their emails and files, the benefits are enourmous. You can access all your files from wherever you are, on almost any device that you can connect to the Internet. Unfortunately this also means that there are more devices that could accidentally delete a file or get infected and cause all your OneDrive files to become lost.

One PC infected with a ransomware virus could result in all your files in OneDrive becoming encrypted and unusable. If you don't have your own local backup of those files, this could be the end of your business.

With our Office 365 Cloud Backup service, you get unlimited storage and up to six backups a day, for a small fixed monthly fee, to ensure that your latest emails and files are securely backed up and ready to be restored if the worst happens. Each file is backed up independently so you get access to every version of every file so even if a ransomware attack takes down your current files, they'll all still be safe in your cloud backup and can be recovered immediately.

The Office 365 Cloud Backup also helps with auditing and compliance, you can search for and recover emails using the senders name or a specific keyword. If you have a staff member who's leaving and decides to delete all their emails before they go, you can easily recover them so you can comply fully with audit requests in the future.

Backing up your Office 365 emails and files in the cloud has huge potential to save you time, stress and money. If you use another type of Exchange email account, such as our Big British Mailbox, we also have options for people who just need their emails backed up.

Please get in touch to discuss your needs and we'll help you get your cloud emails and files fully protected.

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