Most Windows laptops and some desktops now come with the main hard drive split into 2 partitions, so if you've bought a PC with a 1TB hard drive, you will find that you have 2x 500GB partitions, usually labelled as C and D.

This can start to cause problems if you fill up the C drive as it's not easy to move space from one drive to the other. Fortunately Windows allows you to change where you can store certain folders so that you can make the most of all the storage in your PC.

The first step is to go into your user folder so that you can see all your folders (Documents, Pictures etc) then right click on the folder you want to move and click on Properties, in this example we'll use the Pictures folder.

Once the Properties window is open, click on the Location tab and you'll be shown the current location of the folder, as well as a few other options. To move the folder to another drive, click on the Move... button.

You'll now be asked where to store the folder, so choose the D drive when asked then click on New folder up at the top left of the window and create a new folder called Pictures, then select the new Pictures folder and then click on Select Folder.

You'll now be asked to confirm that you want to move the contents of the folder to the new Pictures folder on the D drive, click on Yes and Windows will start to copy everything from the Pictures folder into the new Pictures folder on the D drive.

Once this is complete, you'll still see the Pictures folder in your shortcuts as before, but it will now be located on the D drive and you should see more space available on the C drive. If you do this with a few of your larger folders, you can spread your data across the 2 drives and should be able to keep the disk usage under control.