The built in Notes app on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can be a very powerful tool, it's also very easy to use so we thought we'd run through some of the more advanced things that Notes can do.

If you have an iCloud account, all your notes are synced across all your devices so this immediately makes it a really handy place to store your notes.

As well as standard text only notes, you can have checklists, ideal for shopping lists and for keeping track of things you need to do.

You can also draw your own freehand sketches in the Notes app using a variety of drawing tools and colours, ideal for making quick diagrams.

Once you've drawn your diagram, it's simply displayed along with the rest of your note.

You can also add existing or new photos into the note.

You can even share notes with other iCloud users, ideal if you need to collaborate on a note or just want to share a list you've created.

If your note contains sensitive information, such as passwords or banking details, you can lock the note so only you can open it. The first time you lock a note you'll be asked to create a password, if you have a device with Touch ID, you can also use that to unlock your notes. You can also print your notes out as well as email or iMessage them to people.

There are even more features coming to Notes in iOS 11, you'll be able to add tables for simple spreadsheets and even scan in paper documents which you can then sign and email directly from your device.