If you prefer writing your notes by hand, but still like the convenience of having them stored and searchable on your iPad, you can use the Notes app and an Apple Pencil to do just that.

All you need to do is open the built in Notes app and start writing with your pencil.

You still get the speed and smoothness of writing with a pen, but the iPad will store the note securely for you and the text in the note will be searchable so you'll be able to access the note on all your Apple devices.

Once you've started writing your note, you'll see that the note is automatically named with the first line of your note.
Once you've finished writing your note, you can search for it on your device so you'll always be able to get straight back to it on any device.

This gives you all the convenience of keeping your notes stored on your devices and never being able to lose them but with the speed and ease of writing your note just as though you were using a pen or pencil.