Fully managed WiFi, setup securely, and fully managed by experts with no monthly fees!  

Make sure your WiFi is setup correctly, with full coverage across buildings, with one WiFi name so you can roam seamlessly without any interruption to your connection, and the right security setup from the start.  

Want to make sure guest access for visitors to your home or office is secure and doesn't put your own network at risk?  Need public WiFi for your offices, for your cafe, pub, club or visitors area but not sure how to make it fully secure and keep your own networks safe, whilst using the same internet connection?

Our fully managed WiFi access points and systems allow you to do all this, and the best thing is, you don't have to worry about setting it up, managing it, or keeping all the devices up to date and secure, we'll do it all for you, included in the price, so no extra monthly fees!    If you need to change the security, passwords, network names etc, then we do it for you and in minutes all your access points will be updated, quite literally, wherever they are in the world.

All units are kept up to date for security, so you don't need to worry about complication firmware updates, which most people never do to their routers and access points, putting your networks at risk.

Take the worry out of managing WiFi access properly, anywhere in the world, without hefty management fees, and never having to get technical again!

  • High powered WiFi access points centrally managed
  • Ideal for home or business
  • Large areas covered with one WiFi name
  • Secure public WiFi / guest access
  • Free remote management
  • Perfect for cafes, offices etc. to provide public WiFi
  • Can be delivered ready configured for self install
  • Same network across multiple locations
  • Professional cabling & installation available if required
  • Available to rent or buy
  • Small discreet units