Why choose a leased line/ethernet connection?

For businesses that depend on the internet being "always on" with no limits and super fast speeds,  a leased line gives your business the edge, with super high speed, ultra reliable, and totally unlimited broadband connections, with full speed for both downloads and uploads, it can transform your business performance.

When you choose Tekeez to get your leased line quoted, ordered, delivered and set up you can relax, we'll look after the form filling, the technical details, we'll do all the hard work for you and there's no extra charge for this.  We'll get you the best quotes for your line, and ensure the whole process is managed and made easy for you.  You get our personal service and legendary customer service from the very beginning.

Once the service is up and running, the whole service is managed for you, right up to the connection to your internal equipment.  You only need to look after your own internal equipment, and we can do that for you too!

You want the best internet connection you can get for your business, but you don't want the hassle, so let Tekeez do everything for you, the only thing you need to do is provide some company details and a signature!

Fully Managed

Expert provisioning

24/7/365 Proactive Monitoring

Dedicated Bandwidth (uncontended)

Pre-configured managed Cisco hardware

Industry leading Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Single point of contact for trouble shooting

Free* Install on 3-year contracts

Competitive pricing

Fibre broadband right to your premises

Once you have a leased line installed for your business internet connection your business won't look back.  All your staff can run at full speed, no waiting for downloads, super fast email, fully hosted VOIP telephony, office cloud backups and more.  More productivity,  less downtime and more options.

Ensure your business and all your staff are always running at top speed, with no hold ups, whether downloading or uploading data, everything runs at maximum speed, unlike traditional broadband connections.  When you consider the benefits a dedicated leased line can bring to your business, it can pay for itself several times over and rather than be a cost, it can help you to make money.

Imagine being able to conduct a video training session, or customer sales pitch without having to leave the office, with 10 or more participants, all with HD video and audio without any trouble at all?  You can't do that with a standard broadband connection!  

The possibilities are endless, so why not get in touch and find out what a leased line could do for your business?  

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