Changing email providers? Need to move all your emails and folders between accounts?  Changing from Google to Office 365, from Google to IMAP?  We can copy your emails in any direction and it works with all email accounts that are server based.  

We know what a really time consuming and painful job this can be, with lots of risk of losing emails, or creating duplicates if you do it manually yourself.  

Don't spend hours and hours copying thousands of emails between accounts, when the IT Superheroes at Tekeez can do it all for you for a low cost fixed fee.  It will bring your folders as well and won't affect your old email account at all, so it's a very safe process.

We don't even need to access your devices, we use a fully Cloud based service to access your old and new email accounts and automatically transfer your emails from one account to another,  with no interruption or downtime on either the new or old accounts.

It won't create duplicates and can cope if either of your systems go down during the transfer,  as it can restart from where it left off.  

We carry out the whole process for you and you don't need to stop working,  leave it to us and relax, your email is on the move!

With our email migration service you'll get:
  • Fixed low prices
  • Quick turn around
  • Fully managed service
  • All email and folders copied
  • No access to your devices needed
  • All done in the Cloud
  • Safe and fast process
  • No duplicates
  • Copy as many accounts as you want in one go
Our service is available for both Home and Business users, and for all types of server based email accounts and migrations can be for 1 or 1,000 email accounts, all at once and each account can be up to 50GB in size.

Mailboxes and contents can be moved between the following types of accounts, with the symbols showing what can be migrated:

From / ToIMAP
Office 365
Office 365
  • Migrate emails
  • Migrate address book/contacts
  • Migrate calendars
  • Migrate email folders
  • Migrate tasks/to dos
Other email services, such as, Yahoo etc, can also be migrated, please contact us for more details.

Call us now on 0333 023 0001 to get started!