Want easy to use and cost effective CCTV?

With Tekeez Cloud CCTV you can have cost effective and easy to use CCTV, that's as easy as loading an app on your smartphone!

No expensive on-site recorders needed, which means you could save over £200 on those, as all your recordings are stored securely in the cloud, for viewing via an App on iOS or Android, or via the web.

We'll supply cameras pre-configured to your account, so no complicated setups.  Either install yourself (we'll give you full instructions) or get your local electrician or handyman to install for you, it's a breeze and no technical knowhow required.  

Suitable for homes, starting with 1 camera, or a business covering multiple buildings, offices etc, with dozens of cameras.  

  • View live feeds & recorded video events from anywhere

  • All video stored securely in cloud

  • Receive notifications when motion is detected

  • Easily download and share video

Our CCTV is as simple as 123...

  1. Download the free App

  2. Run the app and sign in to your account

  3. View your live cameras and recordings

Wherever you are, you'll always have access to your live camera feeds and recordings, which you can download with a few taps!

Live camera feeds are always free, so why not start with those, then add Cloud recording from £5 per month per camera?  Nothing to lose.

We provide industry leading Hikvision cameras, pre-configured starting from just £90 one off fee.

Why not give us a call and get a personal quote, you can start with just one camera, and add more at any time.  

Cameras on one account can be located anywhere with an internet connection, so they don't have to be in the same building, or even in the same country!

Indoor and outdoor cameras available with a range of features.

Please see our CCTV Cameras page for our range of fully compatible, pre-configured cameras suitable for our Cloud CCTV system.

CCTV is now available for all budgets and all locations, so why not add that extra layer of security for your home or office now?

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