Need to get your PC running faster? Need more storage space? Have a machine that needs a boost? Why not consider our range of upgrades, instead of buying a new PC?

Adding more memory (RAM) and changing your old hard drive for a modern SSD (Solid State Disk) can make your desktop or laptop run faster than it did when it was new!  Run out of space for your photos and files?  We can upgrade your storage to give you more space and let you do more.  All our storage upgrades include free system transfer from your old drives too.

We upgrade laptops and desktops for customers across the UK with our ship-in service, or drop-off and collect/collect and return if you're near one of our offices.   If you'd like to drop off and collect your computers then we'll take £10 off your bill.  If you ship your computer to us via courier then we'll provide a free courier return.  We can even organise the courier collection for you if you'd like us to.

We don't like surprise bills either, so you'll always get an agreed cost before the work is finalised and undertaken, so you'll know exactly what you're going to pay in advance.  We believe this is the fairest way to do business and if you drop off and collect your computer,  we'll provide the assessment for free to confirm suitable upgrades.   If you don't want to go ahead after we confirm the price, then no problem, just come and collect and no charge!

An upgrade from Tekeez means:
  • Free assessment with drop-off and collect
  • No surprise bills
  • Fixed prices agreed in advance
  • Free courier return if shipped in
  • £10 discount if you drop-off and collect
  • Free data transfer for storage upgrades
  • For Home or Business
  • Regular updates during upgrade
Our service is available for both Home and Business users, and for all makes and models of desktops and laptops.

Get in touch now to get your machine booked in.