Want your PC or Mac to run faster than new?

Installing a super-fast SSD can make a huge difference to how well your computer runs, which can make them faster than it was when you first bought it. Traditional hard drives rely on lots of moving mechanical parts that slow down over time, meaning that your computer is slower to start up and your files take longer and longer to open.

SSDs are completely solid state with no moving parts and run around 10x faster than hard drives. Because there are no moving parts, they don't slow down over time and they're much more robust to bumps and knocks and can help your laptop battery last longer.

Pricing for SSDs has come down dramatically over the last few years and we can now offer the following sizes:

1TB (1000GB)£185.00
2TB (2000GB)£380.00
Start your system in secondsCapacities up to 2TB
5 year hardware warranty
All prices are inclusive of VAT and it's just an £80 fixed charge to install the SSD and clone over your old hard drive so your computer comes back to you with all your applications and files as they were before, but much much faster.

We can arrange for courier collect and return of your laptop or desktop wherever you are in the UK. If you're local to our offices in Oxford or Caerphilly, you can drop off and collect your PC and receive a £10 discount!

If you have a newer PC that already has an SSD installed but find yourself needing more storage, we can help you with that too so get in touch.

To get your computer running faster, call us on 0333 023 0001