Desktop or laptop crashed?  No longer have access to your data?  Your IT Superheroes can get your data recovered, even from broken and faulty hard drives.

We can recover data from desktops or laptops, or even Network Drives (NAS) and external hard drives and memory sticks.   Even if the drive has physically failed, or broken, we can still get our specialist lab to repair and recover your data.

If your desktop or laptop has failed and you can't access your data, but the drive is working, we can usually recover these quickly for you at a fixed price of £80 inc vat (with a £10 discount if you drop off and collect).

If your drive has suffered a serious malfunction or has been broken, then don't worry, we'll get this to our specialist lab for diagnostics.  They'll provide a fixed price no obligation quote to repair your drive and recover the data.  

With our Data Recovery service you'll get:
  • Fixed prices agreed 
  • Quick turn around
  • Data returned how you want it (USB stick, Download etc)
  • All recovered data scanned for viruses
  • PC, Mac or Linux
  • Recovery from Network Drives (NAS) and removable media
  • No surprise bills and all costs agreed
If you're unlucky enough for one of your storage drives to fail, or if your desktop or laptop crashes and you can't access your data, then we can get one of our IT Superheroes on the case.

Call us now to get your drive(s) booked in for recovery.